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Household Information Management Software

Having the right information,
in the right place, 
and at the right time will save you time,
money, and frustration.
It could even save your life!

The My Data Diary+ family information management tool is designed to capture, store, and share the personal, household, medical, financial, legal, and legacy information and documents that you need to manage your daily personal affairs in a digital world. The tool can also be used to share important information with trusted family members, caregivers, friends, and professional advisers who may be called upon in an emergency to help you and your family.

Simplify the Business of Life

Organize and manage all of your personal and family information and documents!

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Free Trial

Download the Introductory version of My Data Diary+® to use 6 key sections of our solution for free!



Already have the Introductory version?  Click here to upgrade to My Data Diary+® Premium to enable the rest of the solution.

Only $65

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Premium Version

Click here to purchase and start now with My Data Diary+® Premium with ALL of the great features enabled at install!

Only $65

One time cost

A place for everything,
and everything in one place!

How Does it Work?

My Data Diary+® organizes and stores all of your personal, household, health, financial, legal, and legacy information and documents in a digital format that is easy to update and share.

Is it Secure?

The My Data Diary+® software creates a database that is 256-bit encrypted and password protected.  You choose where to store that database based on your own personal security preferences.


Why Do I Need It?

The world is going digital, and easy access to personal information is critical for all people over the age of 18. My Data Diary+® provides you with ready access to all of your important documents whenever and wherever you need them.

What is Required?

The My Data Diary+® tool is compatible with the following Windows and Mac operating system verisons:

     Windows Client: 8.1

     Windows 10 Client: Version 1607+

     Windows 11: Version 22000+

     Windows Server: 2012+

     Mac OS X: 10.15+





Simple to Update

Easy to Share

Peace of mind and personal productivity!

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