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Product Release Notes

Version 2_0_5 (Released 11/6/22)

  • Redesign of Custom Reports with with simplified views and portrait orientation
  • Adjusted layout of all printed pages into portrait orientation
  • Add “Custom Field” capability on the Care Management page

Version 2_0_4 (Released 9/28/22)

  • Service Providers and Vendors: Reordered table columns
  • Automatically append “.pdf” to the filename when saving a document as a PDF (event if the user omits initially)
  • Add capability to Cut / Copy / Paste using the standard mouse “right click” functionality
  • Updated picture selector so you can zoom, move, and rotate Avatar images

Version 2_0_3 (Released 9/5/22)

  • Custom Reports: Add the ability to select profiles for individual / group report generation
  • Custom Reports: Add the ability to “Show records with no associations”
  • Custom Reports: Fixed bug in Content Management section for Service Providers
  • Reporting: Adjust formatting on the MDD Copyright when printing reports
  • Reporting: Add a page break before documents and between each document
  • Reporting: Reduce Avatar image sizes.  Print “no picture” when no Avatar image is loaded.
  • Document Library: Added capability to select and print documents diectly from the Document Library
  • Launch Screen: Click on the input box or the Database button to select a database
  • Personal Contact: Reformat “Description of Relationship” field to only one line
  • Enable the new CDN alias to download new verisions of the application
  • Created installer app for assisted upgrade from v1 application to v2 application.

Version 2_0_2 (Released 8/14/22)

  • Payment Card: Card number and CVV / Security Code changed to “sensitive”
  • Update icons when archiving a primary record
  • Backup to a location that no longer exists will generate an error message instead of locking the app
  • Upgrade document search capabilities
  • Custom Reports: Add “Clear Selection” button
  • Custom Reports: “Show Sensitive Data” will defaul to showing sensitive data on report with ability to hide before saving or printing.
  • Updgrade Process: Add ability to close the upgrade dialog if the upgrade process fails.
  • Web Demo Environment updated to the Version 2 application

Version 2_0_1 (Released 7/29/22)

  • Document upload bug fix

Version 2_0_0 (Released 7/27/22)

  • New User Interface with product feature and functionality upgrades
  • NOTE: Earlier versions require an assisted upgrade.  Send email to for assistance.