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Adding / Uploading Documents

The My Data Diary+ tool is designed to store important data and documents. As you enter information in the tool, you will encounter buttons that allow you to add documents that are related to the information that you are entering. You can add multiple documents in any section and will have the ability to print and view them when you return to the section or create a custom report.

Document buttons designated with a red exclamation point signal that the specified document(s) will likely be needed in the future to manage personal business or transactions. It is highly recommended that you upload the documents identified with a red exclamation point into the tool for easy access when needed in the future.

To upload a document into the database, temporarily move the document into the “MDD Document Transfer” folder on the My Data Diary+ USB storage device. Upload documents into the tool by clicking on the document buttons and following the prompts to select the document(s) that you have moved into the “MDD Document Transfer” folder. Name the uploaded file something that will help you easily identify it later.

Once a document has been added to the database, it is encrypted and can only be accessed after you have opened the tool and entered your password or recovery questions. For your protection, all documents in the temporary “MDD Document Transfer” folder are deleted when you close the tool.