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The My Data Diary+ family information and personal productivity tool allows you to capture and manage all of the persona, household, health, financial and legal information that you will need to manage your family’s affairs through your lifetimes.  The amount of time you will need to populate the tool will depend on the complexity of your personal situation and the volume of your personal information.

    You should plan to update your tool whenever there is a change or addition to your information.  We recommend that you formally update and review all of your information at least once a year with your care companions (your trusted family members, friends, and professionals who may be called on to help you or a family member manage personal affairs) so they will have all of the information they will need.

    The My Data Diary+ tool is designed to be a self-contained, mobile, secure solution that you can have with you at all times.  It will open on any Windows or Mac devices that meet the minimum operating system requirements.