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Profile Management

Who should I choose as the Administrator of the tool?

Any profile can be set as the tool Administrator. The Administrator is usually either the head of the household or the person who will be primarily responsible for data entry and data management in the tool.


Why do I need to designate an Administrator?

An Administrator is required in order to establish relationships with other members of the household.


Can there be more than one tool Administrator?

Only one person can be designated as the tool administrator because the designation is used to establish relationships with other members of the household.


Can I change the tool Administrator once it has been set?

Yes. To change the Administrator of the tool, first change the Administrator status of the current Administrator to “No”, and then change the Administrator status of the new Administrator to “Yes”. Be sure to update the “Relationship to Administrator” status on the Profile page of the Personal Information section for each profile to reflect the correct relationship to the new administrator.


Do you have to be an Administrator to enter and manage data in the My Data Diary+ tool?

No. You do not have to be an Administrator to enter or manage data in the tool. Anyone who uses the password to access the tool will be able to add, delete, update, or change the information in the tool.


How many profiles can I create?

The My Data Diary+ tool is designed to capture information and documents for one household and all of the individuals living in that household. You should create a profile for each individual living in your household. Individuals living separately and/or maintaining independent finances should purchase and use their own copy of the My Data Diary+ tool?


Can I hide a profile for a member of my family who passed away?

Yes. You can archive an entire profile by going to Profile Management in the Administration section. Select the red “Archive” option on the right corner of the record. When you click “Archive” you will be asked to confirm your desire to archive the record. Archiving a record will hide the record from your standard view but will allow you to restore the record and/or access the information in the record in the future.