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Updating or Upgrading Your Software

Updating your My Data Diary+  tool will allow you to benefit from new features and bug fixes that are released in the future without losing the information and documents you have entered into your database. The standard update process can be found in the License Management page of the Administration section.

NOTE: The upgrade process only retrieves data from My Data Diary web servers. It will not upload your data to the internet.

Follow the below instructions to update your version:

  1. Click on Administration.
  2. Click on License Management.
  3. Click the “Check Latest Version” button.
  4. If there is a new version available:
    • To upgrade the Windows version, click on “Upgrade to latest Windows version” button. To upgrade the Mac version, click on “Upgrade to latest Mac version” button. (Only one upgrade can be in progress at a time.)
    • You will be prompted to select a location to create a backup of your database. This location should be a location on your computer somewhere other than your My Data Diary+ USB drive. New versions will make changes to the software but should not change any of your existing data (unless otherwise noted in the release notes on our website).
    • The upgrade process will begin and its progress will be shown.  This process could take up to 60 minutes.
  5. If the “Latest Version” matches the current version of your software, no upgrade buttons will appear.

If you have received a Specialty version of the My Data Diary+ tool from a professional advisor or service provider, you can upgrade to the Premium version of the My Data Diary+ tool to enable all of the content and capabilities available in the Premium version of the tool.  Go to Purchase the upgrade you desire. Following your upgrade purchase, you will receive a software “Key” by email that you can use to access the Premium version of the My Data Diary+ tool.  Return to the License Management page of the Administration section of your My Data Diary+ tool. Click on the “Add License” button in the “Licenses” section of the page and enter the software key that was emailed to you at the email address you provided when you purchased the upgrade to the Premium version.